Favourite Houseplant Supplies

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Here is a list of essential tools to take your houseplants from meh to magnificent.

By using the right soil, potting tools, pest treatments and fertilisers, you can have healthy plants that bring life into any room.

Awesome humidifier for keeping your tropical plants nice as comfortable.

Mosquito bits | Houseplant Crazy

Mosquito Bits – Excellent for getting rid of fungus gnats.

I use this in my leaf shine mix – It's nice and gentle and won't hurt the plant.

I use these in conjunction with the mosquito bits to keep those pesky fungus gnats at bay!

This is the best thing for easily tying up your plants against moss poles or stakes to keep it from getting damaged.

Great oil company and this neem is perfect for making leaf shine mix and getting rid of pests, such as spider mites and mealy bugs.

Great product if you have an outbreak of thrips, mealybugs and fungus gnats.

I use this watering bottle to keep my moss poles moist. So easy to use and gives a great spray.

My favourite organic concentrated houseplant food.

Moss pole components

I use these cable ties to make my moss poles.

This is similar to the one I purchased for my moss poles.

These are great for cutting the wire sheeting for moss poles, and you'll be thankful for the return spring!

Favourite soil components

Premium soil blends from Soil Ninja – my favourite!

Sphagnum Moss – Ethically grown, hand picked and collected Welsh sphagnum moss.

This is such a good compost scoop, helps to keep those fingers clean 🙂